How to verify a supplier on Alibaba?

Check the supplier’s verification status

Alibaba supports a verification service which ensures sellers are legally registered companies. This is carried out by Alibaba and/or by independent verification companies. Be sure to visit suppliers profile information to check verification status, e.g. A&V Check, Onsite Check, Assessed Supplier.

A&V Check

A&V Checked suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection. If supplier is A&V Checked, all legal business licenses and contact persons are verified. It is the vfirst level of verification.

Onsite Check

This is a verification process for China Gold Suppliers. The supplier’s company premises are checked by’s staff to ensure that onsite operations exist in the location. Meanwhile, the suppliers’ legal status and other related information are confirmed by a third-party verification agency. THis is the second level of verification.

Assessed Supplier

There is a third-party verification of your prospective suppliers. This means Alibaba commissions several agencies based on their international reputation and proven credibility to test the claims made by suppliers. Assessed Supplier includes Assessment Reports, Verified Videos and Verified Main Products.

Pay attention to the quality of products and the reputation of the supplier

Consider the quality of products with attention to detail

In any industry that relies on the use of chemicals, the quality of the product needs to be checked as compounds may contain a lot of hidden impurities in them, which render them unsuitable for use. You have to compare the quotation with the competitors and need to select quality over quantity. If you are satisfied with the results your inquiries bring up, you can add the company to your shortlist.

Consider the strength of reputation the supplier has established

The goodwill generated by a company is one of its most valuable assets. Look for testimonials online which can vouch for the supplier you are researching. Check into both its offline and online presence to have the best picture of the reputation the chemical supplier has built for itself in the market.

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